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This single-channel video explores a Brazilian religion called Umbanda. It was founded in 1908 by a medium named Zelio Fernandino de Moraes. Umbanda is deeply-rooted in an African religion called Candomble which was brought to Brazil by African slaves. Because of the dominant influence of Catholicism devotees were forbidden from practising their belief. As a way of avoiding punishment and in an attempt to protect Umbanda from being banned the names of the original African entities (Orishas) were adapted generating a hybrid identity by adopting the names of Catholic saints.

This mixed media work includes an extensive photo book which also explores the practices, believes and customs of Umbanda in Ireland. For more than six-months, I immersed myself within this community where I was able to learn more about this fascinating religion, which carries so many contrasting aspects of spirituality and faith. Umbanda attracts people from diverse multicultural backgrounds mixing Christianity with African traditions.

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