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Rickshaw is the name given to those who use bikes with three wells to carry tourists, and regularly people living pubs and nightclubs after few drinks.

This project is a narrative which gives life and voice for those who recently have been related massively with selling drug issues and marginalised by some in the Irish society. Through my field researchers for over 10months with rickshaws working in the Dublin night scene, I discovered that 85% of rickshaws are Brazilians English students, most of them come from middle classes. Also, other nationalities such as Venezuelans, Mexicans, but most south Americans between the ages of 18 to 32 with college degree education. This documentary is an urgent call to action to the Irish government to create effective regulation to deal with rickshaw drivers and problems from racism, some abuse from few Garda members, and drugs selling building a safe environment to the users of the rickshaw and decent human job conditions to the drivers.

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